What is RadioInSync?

We are a family of sports fans. It has always been a tradition that we listen to the radio broadcasts of football, basketball, and baseball games while watching on the TV. We know we don't need to tell you, but the radio broadcast teams are more knowledgable of the players and team, and frankly it's about 50% of the experience. No one wants to hear their players' names pronounced incorrectly.

With more games being broadcast nationally, the time difference between the radio and TV has made it impossible to watch on TV and listen on the radio. The earlier audio from the radio ruins the suspense of watching the game on TV. So we developed an iPhone application to sync the radio to the TV broadcast.

We first developed the RadioInSync App in the fall of 2012, for our own use. We knew we had something special. We took the time to perfect it, designed high-quality cables, and made the app freely available in the Apple App Store in the fall of 2013.

All items are fulfilled from our offices in Marshalltown, IA.